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Group Art Therapy Online



Join this weekly Online Art Therapy Group to help you through difficult times and enhance your resilience through art-making in the group.


  • Experience the meditative and soothing effects of art-making to relieve stress and build resilience
  • Learn to use the art materials to promote personal growth and transformation, catharsis and wellbeing
  • Express yourself creatively in a non-judgemental,  supportive and confidential space
  • Discover your creative potential 
  • Develop insight and self-care for yourself and others
  • Connect and engage with others in the therapeutic group through sharing your experience

You will also be encouraged to make art between sessions, supported by weekly themes. 

Who is it for?

The group is open to all adults experiencing mental health difficulties, whether you have a diagnosed mental health problem, such as depression, anxiety, stress-related issues or experiencing difficulties in your life that needs attention such as coping with the effects of the pandemic. Or you may be joining the group to support your overall wellbeing or to prevent a mental health issue from developing. 
I encourage anyone who is interested in exploring their feelings through art-making to join. You don’t need technical art skills to benefit from group Art Therapy. 


Please, visit the Art Therapy for Adults page for more information on how Art Therapy can help you. If you would like to read general information about Art Therapy, please click here



This group will be ongoing, with a minimum commitment of eight sessions. 

Joining the group

If you would like to join the Online Art Therapy Group, please contact me to book an initial meeting (via Zoom) which is a way to be introduced to the group, learn more about you and to have an opportunity to find out more about the group and ask any questions you may have. 



Art materials

You will have to have your own art materials during the sessions. For ideas and inspiration, please read about the Online Art Therapy Studio. It is recommended that you have your own folder or a special place to keep your images safe between session.



The Therapeutic Environment

The aim is to create a safe and therapeutic environment to enable participation using technology.

The group is a confidential space, no recording is permitted, and no family members or others allowed in the space you are working in during the sessions.

Please, respect others and sit in a private, quiet environment where you won’t be disturbed by others and avoid other distractions during the session, such as using your mobile phone. The ground rules of the group will be discussed in the initial meeting.  


Video set up

The Zoom meeting information will be shared with you before the session. Ideally, you sit at a table using your laptop or computer with the camera facing your artwork during the art-making session, so that it can be seen while you are making your image. It might be tricky to get the set up right first, but don’t worry, you will be offered support if necessary.


Absence Policy

There might be occasions when you may be unable to attend the session:


  • If this is due to illness, please give the minimum of 24-hour notice to discuss the situation 
  • Holidays can be negotiated based on individual circumstances and are best planned in advance
  • Missed sessions will need to be paid for.

Group Duration and ending in the group

The group will be running weekly on an ongoing basis with some prearranged breaks. You are very welcome to continue as long as you wish. However, when you decide to stop coming to the group, you need to give me four weeks notice.

Fee and booking

£25 per session
£25 per initial meeting lasting 30 minutes


Payments need to be made in advance. To book a place, please contact me to arrange an initial meeting.


Group starting date: January 2021 (exact date to be confirmed) 

Additional questions

If you have any additional questions, please contact me here

If you are contacting me through this website, I will be in touch with you in a few days. If you haven't heard from me, please check your junk folder as I reply to everyone who contacts me through this website.